Pampa Urbana
Building new opportunities for our investors

Our developments offer a sound opportunity to safeguard your savings                                          


Real Estate Developments based on honesty and reliability

Pampa Urbana is a leading Real Estate development company committed to the highest standards of quality.

The success of our projects comes from the joint effort of our team, our business partners and contractors, blended with our commitment to long-lasting business relationships with our investors.

Honesty and reliability are the fundamentals of our projects and our brand “Alerces” is positioned as synonymous of premium residential buildings.


A safe and profitable investment

Pampa Urbana´s investment options ensure adding safe and profitable assets to your investment portfolio.

Since our early days, we have been faithful to our vision and values. We offer our investors a well-balanced mix of construction quality, leading architectural design and top of the market yield through mid term financial vehicles. Keeping our investors well informed on the progress of each development is a milestone of our relationship with them.


Safe investment
At Pampa Urbana we make sure investors are well informed of the progress of each development since inception. Well before buying each plot, its deed of property is carefully scrutinized and verified.

At Pampa Urbana we promote real estate business through reliability and experience.

We build new opportunities for each of our investors                

At Pampa Urbana we focus in developing new and emerging residential areas, which adds value to our investor´s portfolios.

Investor-tailored opportunities                        
Owning one of our apartments is both an opportunity to increase your capital as well as a source of periodical cash income through renting. Apartments can be bought fully furnished.

We are proud of creating not only good and nice buildings, but also tailor-made solutions for each of our investors.

Strategic Alliances

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