Hoteles Fangio
Pampa Urbana develops Fangio hotels

Fangio Hotels will blend the mystical legacy of Juan Manuel Fangio with state-of-the- art international standards for the hotel industry. They will be designed to satisfy both business and leisure travellers.” Fangio Hotel will be family-friendly.

Each hotel will feature 60 to 100 fully equipped 30 sqm rooms, a “Fangio Sport Café” and a Business Center.


The first hotel will open in Balcarce, hometown to Juan Manuel Fangio, in late 2015. We foresee the opening of ten hotels in seven years from 2013 with an estimated investment of U$S 100 million. The brand will be launched internationally once this first goal will be achieved.

Juan Manuel Fangio: a model to follow

"We feel identified with the moral values that drove the great Juan Manuel Fangio to transcend the glory of being a five-time champion and become a myth.

We are certain that the future guests of Fangio Hotels will feel that mysticism and will choose our hotels to stay on business or to enjoy with their families.” (Miguel Ángel Vitali, Pampa Urbana Business Manager)

"We are enthusiastic about linking Juan Manuel Fangio’s name to the industry of hospitality, a value he held throughout his exceptional life”. (Architect Antonio Mandiola, Presidente of The Fangio Foundation)