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August 9th of 2013

On Friday, August 2, 2013, at the city of Balcarce,
province of Buenos Aires, Argentina, Mayor Dr. José Enrique Echeverría, along
with architect Antonio Mandiola, President of the Fangio Foundation, and Mr. Miguel Vitali, General
Manager of Pampa Urbana, officially announced the building of the first Fangio
Hotel, due to be the flagship of the Fangio Hotel Chain, which is meant to
achieve national and international reputation. Several other figures assisted
to the ceremony, such as the head of the Department of Public Works, architect
Carlos Cortés, Mr Carlos Álvarez, Mr Alfredo Safe, engineer Hugo Pastorino and
Mr Juan Carli, all of them members of the Foundation. On behalf of the
architectural firm Estudio
Raele, architects Antonio Raele and Omar Cáceres assisted, and on
behalf of Pampa Urbana, attorneys Federico Camurri and Mauricio Vitali.  The
Hotel will demand an investment of approximately ARS 50 million, and will be
finished within 24 to 30 months. This four-star superior hotel will feature
approximately 55 rooms, a business center, a convention center, spa, heated
swimming pool, a gym, an underground parking garage and a Fangio Sport Café. The
hotel will provide customer service excellence and the highest standards in
quality, security and technology.

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