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Juan Manuel Fangio Car Museum 27th Anniversary

December 5th of 2013

On Friday November 22, 2013, the Fangio Foundation celebrated its 27th
anniversary in the city of Balcarce, province of Buenos Aires. Guests at the gala
included Mayor Dr. José Enrique Echeverría, the CEOs of Mercedes Benz
Argentina, TAGHeuer, Campeones, and Pampa Urbana, as well as elite race
drivers, among others. During the celebration, the members of the boards of directors of the
Fangio Foundation and Pampa Urbana officially launched the construction of the
Fangio Hotel, which will be located at the south corner of Kelly Ave. and 25th
St. It will be the first of a nationally and internationally renowned chain of
hotels. The
president of the Foundation, Architect Mandiola, said that “this is a very
significant event” for the history of the Foundation and for the people of
Balcarce. In addition, the mayor stated that the construction of the Fangio
Hotel will be “a major boost for tourism” in Balcarce.

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