Pampa Urbana
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A building with double front door and unique amenities and services in Luján.
Av. Humberto Primo Nº 760, Luján, Buenos Aires. GENERAL

A residential complex consisting of two three-storey buildings, connected by a large courtyard area with trees, flowers and fountains. Each building ground floor includes a spacious and luxurious hall with two elevators. A garden walkway connects the halls of both buildings. The largest residential units are located in the front building. The social area (living room dining room, kitchen) overlooks the avenue, and the private area (bedrooms) faces the courtyard. One side of the back building faces the large palm tree courtyard, and the other faces the back of the property to the east.

Spa featuring hydrotherapy shower, wet sauna, dry sauna, relaxation room. Multiple-purposes room, lobby, garden and fountains; building superintendent.

24 residential units of two, three, and four bedrooms. Furnished with built-in closets, reinforced front doors, mini-split air conditioner with heat pump, dual-fuel hot water boiler with aluminum radiators, solid wood and porcellanato tile floors and designer-signed kitchen furniture, among other quality features.
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